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About Fresherslead

Fresherslead.com is an educational and Government vacancy posting website locates in Chennai,Tamil Nadu. We provide the latest job notifications from almost every state and central government owned company jobs. Joblight.in is act like news provider for gradudate young candidates to board into government sector, we collect and update vacancy details very preciously with all the detailed description icluding syllabus |Exam Pattern and lot more. Joblight.in is owned and run by group of young engineering professionals aimed to reach the available government vacancies to graduates. We never share any customer identities to any third party.

About the Author

Hi, I am Harikrishan developer and manager of this website,I created this website to help young graduates who seeking and preparing for State and central govenrnment jobs in India. We are expanding our website to several computer programming tutorials.

Contact Us

Fresherslead welcomes any queries, complains and suggestion from our viwers. We will be gratefull to all over customers and their queries will be fillfilled through proper channel. People may contact us through our Facebook page, email or Google+.