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Graduate Record Examinations(GRE)

What is GRE

  GRE is abbrivated as Graduate Record Examination.GRE test can be taken by two formats i) Computer based test, ii)Paper based test. GRE is used as a common measure for comparing candidates qualifications.Graduates who desired to pursue gradudate or busines schools anywhere the world. GRE test centers spread across 160 countries with more than 1000 exam centers. GRE test scores is acccepted for admission to various graduate and business schools across the globe.GRE PatternGRE general test questions are mainly framed based on the syllabus from gradudate or business school. It comprises of

i)Verbal Reasoning

 • Questions in this section will be Reading Comprehension , Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence. These section measure the test takers ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it, Analyze relationships among component parts of sentences Recognize relationships among words and concepts.

ii)Quantitative Reasoning

 • This section evaluates test takers ability to look into the problem to solve it using methometical models by applying concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis.

iii)Analytical Writing

This Section analysis the test takers ability to analysis an issue or argument to supporting ideas with suitable reason with examples. How the candidate understands the circumstance and the most appropriate solution or arguements to the given issue.

GRE general test examine the candidates skill in the above mentioned section/domain to certify the candidates adoptiness and assure that the candidates have the ability to complete the course.GRE scores is accepted by more than 1000 of graduates / business / law schools.
There will be 10 mins break after the 3 sessions. Total duration of the test is 3 hours 45 mins.
S.No Section Qstn Type Score Scale Duration
1 Analytical Writing Analyze an Issue
Analyze an Argument
0-6 60 mins
2 Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension, Text completion,Sentence Equivalence 130-170 60 mins
3 Quantitative Reasoning Comparison, Numerical entry, Multiple-choice 130-170 70 mins

Test Score:

Candidate can view their GRE score will be available on the same day of test, once they compete their online test. Candidate is satiffied with the test score he/she can send their GRE score to the gradudate school they prefer, but if the score is not in the rage he/she thought , they can retake the GRE test once in every 21 days upto 5 times in a year.

Fees For GRE:

Charges will be applied to make any reschedule or any.

GRE General Test
Country Fee
Australia $230
China $231.30
Nigeria $220
Turkey $255
Other countries $205
GRE Subject Test

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