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Keywords in Java

Keywords are predefined reserved words in Java. These reserved keywords cannot be used as class names, variable or method names. There are nearly 50 keywords in java. Lets see the reserved keyword in java with some real implementation of these keywords.
Key words in Java
abstract assert boolean break byte
case catch char class const
continue default do double else
enum extends final finally float
for goto if implements import
instanceof int inter long native
new package private protected public
return short static strictfp super
switch synchronized this throw throws
transient try void volatile while


  public class Demo2

      String name = "Fresherslead";
      int age = 3;
      System.out.println(name+" age is "+age);


Output : Fresherslead age is 3

In the above program we use int and String keywords, As these two are data types in java. In this simple example we store Fresherslead in the variable name as String datatype and 3 in the variable as int datatype.


   class Student
      void display() 
        System.out.println("Display method inside student class");
    public class Keywords1 
       public static void main(String[] args) 
         Student st = new Student();


Output : Display method inside student class

In this example we created object for the class Student to access the display() method. public, class,void, static, new keywords are used. Dont worry you will learn more about object, and object creationsin java in the upcoming tutorials.

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