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How To Get Adsense Approval for Website/ Bloggers 2021

Before get into the tricks, eligibility and requirements for Adsense approval, you need to know What is Adsense and How it Works? Adsense is an platform to monetize your website/ Blog literally saying you are displaying ads for others and google adsense acts as an mediator between you (Publisher) and Advertisers. Then you may raise how much will i get as commission as a publisher? The answer is ranging from 68% to 51% of commission. The commission is depends on the niche and CPC (Cost Per Click)

Steps to Get approval from Adsense :

1) Own a website through Google blogger or Wordpress or any other platform.

2) Make sure your niche is genuene ,i.e Quality content.
3) Your content should be unique from other (Be aware Adsense surely reject if the content is copied from any other source.)
4) Submit your site to Google search engine through Google webmaster, Bing webmaster, Yandex webmaster baidu if you want.

5) Create an account in Google Adsense using your mail Id.
6) Submit your site URL to Adsense and paste the HTML code provided by Adsense into main/ root page head section.

7) While creating an Adsense Account you have to give your correct address so that you can get Adsense activation code through post card from Google Adsense regional Office.
8) After creating an account in Google Adsense, you can find a code in your account, you have to copy and paste the ads code wherever you want in your website Blog.
9) Keep patience and wait for the approval, make sure you properally placed the code in the head section on your site.
10) Generally for quality content website it may take 3-5 bussiness days. In rare case in may take a week to approval.
11) Check your mail which you submitted while creating an google Adsense account for updates.
12) Once you get the approval from the Google Adsense, bingo you are ready to display ads in your site.

After complete this procedural process, when you did everything right and Good quality content and stick with google adsense policies, your wait and good work rewards you adsense approval. Once you receive an mail as "Your site is now ready to serve Adsense ads" there you go ,Bingo!!!

Most Frequent errors while reviewing site

When you recieve and email from Adsense as "You need to fix somethings before your account can be approved" After reviewing you may get approved or rejected, mostly the reasons for the errors are very very simple to rectify, here we list some most common errors occur for beginners. Don't lose your hope, just solve the problem stated in the adsense through mail.

We will see how to fix website errors to get Adsense approvel in the next article.
Author : Harikrishnan

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