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Introduction to Java

Java is the high level programming language, high level is human understandable languages, before the C programming everything is assembly level programming language( 0's and 1's)

java is Object Oriented Progamming Language (OOPs), as a begineer to this java programming language you may rise a question What is Object Oriented Programming language/ OOps? The simple answer is java programmer see's everything in the universe as object, then what is an Object in java?In science they are two kinds living and non living but in OOps languages everything is consider as objects example - Dog, light, earth, sun, pen, laptop, lion etc. If its hard to understand now don't worry you will get the realtime examples in the comming tutorials, as of now no human, no animals, no non-living things everything is object.

Origin of Java

Java is originally developed by sun micro system in the year 1995 by James Gosling and his team. Now java is owned by Oracle The famous caption for java during 1990's is WORA (Write Once Run Everywhere). It was first named as Oak but due to copyright issue then they named their programming language as Java.It was originally developed to interact will television of all kind.

Need for Java

Java is free to use, fast, secure. Any kind of application can be develop from java, from desktop application to game to database both frontend and backend applications. Java program has large number of open source libraries. Java is best programming language to start with. Java is one of Google Andriod's official programming language.

Java Versions

Advantages of Java

Application of Java

Java is used to develop web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, Games, cloud based applications, Pass, and and more, according to Oracle java is currently running on 3 billion devices. Java latest versionis Java SE 16 released in March 2021

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